Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What were you doing 20 years ago?

20 Years ago I had just graduated from Beaverton High School. I was enjoying a sultry summer in Knoxville, Tenn. My mother had just moved there and wanted my company. So I scored a basement apartment in a grand mansion on five acres on a lake, complete with pool, tennis courts, manicured gardens, a pro tennis player living in the cabin near the lake, and a groundskeeper named Ted that took care of the many Pot Belly Pigs. The owner of the house was rarely there, she spent her time divided up between her 5 houses spread throughout the world. She was known as "The Pig Lady", as she had a fondness for them that extended far beyond simply having them as pets. She had her entire house decorated with them (except for the basement apartment, thanks be for that).

Everything that was a "thing" was piggy. There was pigs woven into the carpet, pigs on the fabrics of the furniture, curtains, tableware. The skillets were shaped like a pig. She had pig nick nacks and pig shaped doorknockers. It was simply facinating.  Aside from the pigs, that estate was easily the most luxurious place I have ever lived. 

So I went to work for Monet Jewelers that summer. I learned so much from that company, and it helped shaped some of my policys I now employ in Elizabeth Jewelry, My own company. Such as the lifetime unconditional guarantee, and quality first. I was just a sponge for new information. I loved it!

This Friday I am going to my 20th High School reunion. It is hard to imagine that I am that old. I still feel 18. Only wiser, and there are no pigs in the yard.