Monday, May 26, 2008

This is a great article I found on how to target the best market for people with disposable income:

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blue Kitty Miniatures

There is another Artist that is showcased on Etsy that I am honored to be in company with.
Carol, the creative mind behind Blue Kitty Miniatures, creates the most amazing tiny creations. They are not only very lifelike and realistic, but are just delightfuly cute as can be! These make for great collectables, as there is quite a following for her pieces. 
They can be used for a dollhouse as a very special feature, or for a  gift for a special friend. I for one, want the Herbal Magic Book!
Made With Polymer clay - many of the
m are closely based on real life cakes and her source of inspiration is always recipe books and cake shops. Collectors in America, Canadam Hong Kong and all over Europe have purcahsed these lovely miniatures. Her work has been featured in specialist Dolls House magazines. Please visit her shop at: Etsy :: BlueKittyMiniatures's Profile

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It is wedding season again and I am pleased to offer my top reccamendations. If you are anything like me, you love to give 
unique high quality gifts that 
reflect the couple's style yet dont need to be put 
on a high interest charge account. 
Last month, when my friend's wedding was fast approaching, I looked online to their wedding registry. I saw plenty of widgets and bland "Made in foreign country" tableware, and was about to run to the mall using at least $7.00 in gas, when I had a last minute thought! Why not try the awesome gang at Etsy? It is all handmade and I bet you might even find someone willing to mail it asap.

Well, I really lucked out! I found an awesome top notch clay artist by the name of Claydame,(Sandra). Her style is so very classy and natural. I can't imagine a more well recieved gift. There is an organic feel to her pottery that undertones the well made substance. The green vase I bought is a beautiful neutral that will go with everyones decore. This is the kind of well crafted pottery that is passed down to many generations. I can imagine the bowl holding candy that a grandaughter always knows is there under the lid. The vase will hold many hand gathered flowers lovingly picked from the backyard to adorn the kitchen table every birthday.

In short, Claydame's Pottery is the safest gift you can give for weddings or birthdays this summer. It is just simply a style that most people would pick out for themselves and enjoy. You wont believe how affordable her prices are either. Go visit her shop here today! Etsy :: claydame :: Handmade Pottery by Sandra