Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I'm Back! and Why should I Blog?

OK, so its about time I decided if I am going to either do this blog thing or not. Came down to the fact that my account was associated with an old email and between that, and the new interface, I could not get onto my blog to add anything anyways.
So my questions are, do I use this blog for;
1. My business, professional marketing and such?
2. Personal
3. Virtual Dust collection

I am sure that If I use this for business purposes only I will nearly never post feeling it must be "dynamic" and "Compelling" enough for my readers to come back time after time. Then I will feel forced to manufacture saccharine sweet and uplifting "How be Always Be Happy" posts full of links to pictures of sunsets on the beach with an adoring family by my side, Puppies, or homemade "Crafty Goodness". The latter MUST include photos of before (adorable me in sunglasses at vintage shop), during (smiling me in my kitchen with staged mess that gives the impression that I am just another average normal girl), and after (over the top Martha Stewart approved craft/decoration/dessert)

Truth is that all takes more time than I want. Plus it is not, I want to write authentically, yet I know my life is not  full of the adventures that seem to appear on others blogs, so, I simply don't write. Hey, that sounds a lot like I am not doing something I want to do because I feel it won't be as good as others? Well screw that! Yes, Molly just said "Screw". (World faints)

Yes I could just keep a journal. Either in a hardbound book or on my computer. But somehow, something is missing. Knowing that this is out there for the world to see makes me feel like I have to hold myself accountable for my actions if I am honest. Or perhaps that I am just narcissistic, feeling that I want to have my random thoughts out there for everyone to see. Does that make every personal blogger narcissistic? (by the way, that is a very hard word to spell and I had to google it up) Probably not. So why should I publicly have a blog about my life, thoughts, likes, opinions,experiences, ect... if the purpose is not to uplift and entertain others. I guess I figure extremely few people will read this. And that is a good thing, I think...
I think all too often people just do what they want to do because it feels like the right thing to do at the time, without hyper over analyzing every tiny motivation. I have a tendency to be analytical. I imagine most people right now, if there eyes are not already bleeding with the tediousness of this post are wondering why I am even debating the situation. To blog or not to Blog, That is the question. 

Answer: I should.
1. I like to write as a break from my work. Probably better than spending time on twitter

2. What do I care what people think of me? Not that I am all "tough skinned" and all, but isn't it best to not worry if people don't like me after they read my blog? I mean, I am not ashamed of who I am, I am not perfect but I am at peace with my choices, and I what is the worst thing people will even read about me; " Slept in today and did not work out." Really Molly get a grip! Perhaps this blog will be about all my insecurities and perhaps telling the world who I honestly am might help me get over them. I am going to be nice to myself and remind myself that I am pretty normal, really. I know Every positive self-help "Do it afraid" mantra and good things to do there is. Head Knowledge. Moving slowly to the heart.
I read this today and I thought: I KNOW all of these! I TRY to do them. Just does not happen 100% of the time. Perhaps because I am always in process. 15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy

3. I am generally a happy positive person, and If I occasionally post a whine, so big deal. The 6 people reading will just most likely still manage to get dinner on the table that night.