Thursday, December 5, 2013

My $3.00 wedding ring

My wedding ring cost my husband $3.00

Yes, you read that right, only three dollars.

I will be blogging about my 25 plus years of experiences working in the jewelry industry, and the stories I have encountered over the years. I have always thought that the main purpose and function jewelry has played in mankind's history was about the relationships represented with each shiny token.

To me, as beautiful jewelry is, they are just widgets, tiny thingy things that hold a deeper meaning of love, heartache, truth, triumphs, sentiment and our experiences with others.

You would expect that a jeweler would have a ring that cost more than $3.00. I can't even make a sterling silver ring for that price. But I didn't make it, my husband did. Back when we were newly engaged, those were often know as the "salad days" and funds were limited. Oh yes, I could have made for myself a simple 14k gold band. I could have even used my connections in the wholesale trade to obtain a half carat high quality diamond for only $500 (This is a very good price btw). That would have not been responsible, to drain our tiny bank account. But my fiancee was an artisan in his own rights, an inventor of sorts. 

So he obtained a chunk of titanium, and though he had never made a ring before, he was an accomplished machinist, so he put the titanium on a lathe, and made two rings, one for me and one for him. Mine is simple, clean, with a comfort fit band. I never feel it. To make the two rings, the titanium cost him only $6.00, thats just $3.00 a ring. 

He made it. That means substantially more to me than anything else, including a large gemstone. Of course. it turned out that having no stone means I can do my job way more effectively, without it getting in the way. I love how it feels, so natural and a part of me. I adore how he gave it to me, and that our rings literally were once joined in that chunk of titanium.  

I often come across an opportunity to purchase incredible stones, and we can afford them now. But I just don't feel the need to change the ring he made for me. He offered up his best with what he had, his skill, time and love.

Jewelry does not need to cost much to be valuable.

Merry Christmas!!!