Thursday, March 13, 2008

Alaska Hot Doggies Review

Alaska Hot Doggies is a Life Long Alaskan who love to marble anything she can get her hands on. Many of the items featured in her shop are living their second life, like beautiful clothing or lampshades, through marbling, coloring or just re-working. I think this talent comes from a deep resourcefulness to know how to make things adjust for you in  life, like adapting to the Alaskan winters! Recycling found  items into beautiful pieces is something she strives for. Just look at her marbles shoes! I just loves these! It looks like something I might find in one of the more trendy stores for $150.00! You gotta admire girl who uses a picture of herself taking a picture of herself in one of her Etsy pics for a neckwarmer! Finding unique and quality items is a guarantee at her Etsy shop. The best part about Alaska Hot Doggies Etsy's shop is the rare and wonderful fact that you can find both items for men as well as women! Her re-worked leather bands/bracelets are just the perfect blend of strength mixed with clever style and clean lines. Plus she is obviously in it for the art, as she prices are so very very low! So check out :Etsy :: AkHotDoggies :: an adventure in color thru found items  and have an ADVENTURE IN COLOR!


Alaska Hot Doggies said...

Thank u SO much for a FANTASTIC feature! Well done!!

Twiggymolly said...

You are welcome!

KnitANDPearl said...

Very cool feature! Marbleizing is rock-n-roll!