Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blue Kitty Miniatures

There is another Artist that is showcased on Etsy that I am honored to be in company with.
Carol, the creative mind behind Blue Kitty Miniatures, creates the most amazing tiny creations. They are not only very lifelike and realistic, but are just delightfuly cute as can be! These make for great collectables, as there is quite a following for her pieces. 
They can be used for a dollhouse as a very special feature, or for a  gift for a special friend. I for one, want the Herbal Magic Book!
Made With Polymer clay - many of the
m are closely based on real life cakes and her source of inspiration is always recipe books and cake shops. Collectors in America, Canadam Hong Kong and all over Europe have purcahsed these lovely miniatures. Her work has been featured in specialist Dolls House magazines. Please visit her shop at: Etsy :: BlueKittyMiniatures's Profile

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